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We empower people to understand who they were, who they are and how they can be better in the future.

Our Quit course was developed by listening and learning from mouth biters who have successfully quit. So real people have helped contribute to studies that show real results. We collated the findings of this research and designed new methods in a course we know works.

The result is a 7 day Quit Course – a set of lifestyle methods and techniques that you can use to manage your mouth biting habits. This education gives you confidence to handle any occasional or accidental bite in the future.

We realize that results don’t last long without understanding. Which is why our course is based around not just teaching what to do, but also learning why you do it. Knowing why allows you to understand your past behaviours and gives you motivation to quit.

Taking control of a habit and improving quality of life is difficult. Our research shows quitting is easier on a daily learning basis. The course is a highly informational presentation, designed to motivate and provide better results. 

The Quit Mouth Biting Course is a holistic program which alters the core functioning of your mouth and body postures. 

We wish you all success in quitting and look forward to your feedback upon completion of the course.


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