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Welcome to this exciting journey toward a better you.

We have designed techniques to re-train old behaviours to coach you to quit biting naturally.

Register/login/enroll and read the page for each day.

What You’ll Learn

  • Quit Mouth Biting methods: These top 3 methods are repeated throughout the course – it’s important to understand these from the start
  • Tool Box: Practical techniques to stop the physical act of biting
  • Quit Quiz: Review your learning
  • Quit Articles: Read about biting and explore your growth
  • Reward Tokens: Awarded as you progress online

Before You Start

  • Complete your (optional) Quit Plan – print out, stick on your fridge or email
  • Get a mouth guard (optional) Stop cheek tongue lip biting
  • Download the Quitzilla app
  • If possible start in the morning – your mouth has been healing overnight, take advantage of this!

Important note: Each Day is purchased as a separate item – as you progress onto the next day you will need to pay $8 to gain access to new content. This allows you to try the first days before committing to the whole cost.

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