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Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit With

Celebrity habits – mouth chewing

You’re not alone – celebrities bite too!

Enjoy a good chomp on your cheeks and mouth? You’re not alone.

Famous people who you think have it all, and never have to worry or alter their behaviours are just the same as us. Kate Middleton, Adele (allegedly chews gum to stop mouth nibbling), Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Wilde, Kate Winslet, Queen Elizabeth, Britney Spears all have been captured many times chewing either their inner mouth cheeks or nibbling their fingernails.

Queen Elizabeth II has a surprising habit that most are not aware of. The Queen loves to bite her nails as shown in the photos shared on Instagram. The snaps were caught on different occasions showing Her Majesty doing the same thing – biting her nails.

But why do we bite and chew in the first place?

The answer isn’t simple – but the habit is certainly a common one. I know, I understand the pain and struggle. I was a lifetime biter, and my parents tried a lot of things to break me from the habit: including small bits of plastic to guard my teeth and cheeks, to chewing gum (did not work). All to no avail. My inner cheek skin was weak and damaged from the years of abuse, and I live in fear of contracting something worse from my chewing. But I still couldn’t stop.

Then I had a breakthrough and managed to stop cheek biting – this was achieved through learning about my behaviour and then becoming very aware of my posture and detuning my autopilot mode.

What nail biting says about your personality

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Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

About Quitech

Quit Mouth Biting is an informative course designed to alter the core functioning of your mouth including chewing and mouth posture. We aim to teach and not just tell you what to do. The course is based on research and the daily activities are fun and easy. The lessons are real learning’s from other biters who have successfully quit. We collated the findings of this research and designed new methods to put it into a quit course that we know works. Good luck and have fun!

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