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Stop Cheek Biting Fingernail Chewing

Cheek Biting and fingernail biting

There will be many people out there who just don’t even think anxiety is a real thing. Sure, they will have heard about it, but would never even give it another thought. Well, most of those people know about finger nail-biting, which is much the same as the cheek, tongue and lip biting habit. Some people do it, some don’t …. and the two sides don’t get the other.

Well, listen in folks, there are mouth biters, and they are going strong, chewing and gnawing away at the inside of their skin. So add these to the fingernail biters and we are just crushing our one perfect teeth and distorting our faces in the pursuit of some hidden pleasure.

Cheek Biting: Why bite your cheek – can I stop?

To be clear we are not talking about careless or accidental biting – this is something we all do on occasion.

We are eating and are often distracted whilst doing so, not taking care and we have a chomp on the skin. Perhaps we were talking or moving while chewing and your teeth or food gets caught between your inner cheek skin. Chomp, ouch, that hurt. But this is the end of it and the wound will heal.

This one is easily fixed and is not the root problem we are talking about here. To solve this, just pay more attention and slow down when eating.

What we are talking about here is a psychological habit in nature, one where we are acting on autopilot or perhaps under a stressful situation. This is much like biting your fingernails (or toes) and can be found in even the most perfect of mouths, across races and ages and throughout every country. Yes, even in Greenland some people bite, nibble and chew away to make an ongoing sore and flaky skin craters.

Like fingernail biting, mouth biting is something we want to discourage and eliminate or control in our lives. Sufferers of mouth biting also wish to stop but have never had the true motivation and support to do so. Quitting is achievable and takes a mental and physical approach with support and patience.

The best results when stopping or quitting cheek, tongue or lip biting are achieved when you are focused and have tried a few times to stop. We have found that if you can build your energies on your past frustrations. Then combine this with the 7 Day Quit Course you can stop a habit and arm yourself with information, self-support and awareness.

Where ever you are at, do not let others sway you from your goals.

Give it a go, with a little perseverance you may surprise yourself and kick a lifetime habit for good.

How great would that be!

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About Quitech

Quit Mouth Biting is an informative course designed to alter the core functioning of your mouth including chewing and mouth posture. We aim to teach and not just tell you what to do. The course is based on research and the daily activities are fun and easy. The lessons are real learning’s from other biters who have successfully quit. We collated the findings of this research and designed new methods to put it into a quit course that we know works. Good luck and have fun!

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