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No Face Touching

One of the crucial habits to break is your hands constantly leaning on or touching your face. This posture is the easiest way to push your cheek skin over and start nibbling.

So the focus here is to catch yourself touching your face and stop immediately. The simple act of removing hands from your face will make it difficult for you to bite hard inside your mouth.

Salt/Saline Rinse

Rinse or gargle with lightly salted water (saline) 2-3 times per day until any mouth discomfort and swelling subsides.

To prepare Saline; dissolve a half teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and swill in your mouth for up to 2 minutes before spitting out.

No Chewing gum

Our research has shown that chewing gum is NOT helpful for quitting. There’s more opportunity for teeth to accidentally bite your cheek skin.

In addition, chewing gum dries out your mouth, further hindering the healing process. For these reasons we advise to avoid chewing gum whilst quitting.

Refresh Your Mouth

Start nurturing your inner mouth skin, as it begins to heal and regenerate. The broken skin and lesions in your mouth will repair faster with the right care.

We suggest gentle teeth brushing and swilling water in your mouth after meals and particularly after coffee.

This is an excellent way to aid oral hygiene and keep your mouth fresh.

Positive Distraction

The power of distraction is always there for us. We merely need to tune into something else when we feel like a bite or nibble.

Alter your state by changing what you’re doing; take a walk, read a book, chat to a friend. Anything to take your mind off the urge to bite.

Motivational app

The Quitzilla app is a useful tool to support your Quit Path.  The app allows you to add motivational reasons for quitting and tracks your progress minute, hourly and daily.

It’s a fun app and the notifications help you “check-in” on your progress throughout the day.

Support People

Find a support person who understands why you want to quit; someone who’s non-judgemental of your journey.

Share the quit course outline and ask them to reward you with the tokens as you progress.

Re-hydrate - Water

Your inner mouth skin has been damaged and needs extra nourishment.

Water will keep the skin soft and support its natural healing ability. Drink and swill with water throughout the day.

Observe Yourself

Take a moment to check your body language and posture. You can stop any unwanted biting simply by moving your hands away from you face.

It’s particularly important to check yourself when you go into ‘autopilot’. This is the time when you’re tempted to bite or nibble without realising it.

Hand Position

Now is the time to review your old hand and body positions. You may find that you automatically put your hand to your face when you are anxious or at a party.

You can retrain your hand postures by:

  • Sitting on your hands in front of the TV
  • Clasping your hands together
  • Placing your hands behind you if standing

Check yourself and see if you can improve your hand position – we are trying to eliminate those old habits that assisted you with biting and nibbling.

Check Progress

An exciting part of this Quit course is charting your progress on a calendar, app or chart.

We are surrounded by technology and the ongoing tracking support it can give us is powerful.

Accidental Bite

So you accidentally chomped down on your inner cheek skin? Or maybe you had a quiet nibble without realising?

If this happens, don’t despair, just get back on track and keep going. As you begin to break the habit of biting you’ll become more aware of those moments when you’re about to take a bite and you’ll be more likely to “stop” yourself in that moment.

Review Quit Plan

Your Quit Plan has the main reasons to motivate you to Quit. It outlines all that is important to you and we recommend you review your answers and check-in to ensure you are on the right path.

This Plan is a very powerful document at times when you do not have access to outside support.

P3 Relaxing

Next time you feel the urge to bite, try this simple relaxation technique:

  • Puff your cheeks out
  • Park your tongue in its correct position
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Your abdomen should expand and your chest rises a little
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth

Repeat for several minutes.

Evolve Further

Our lifetimes are spent searching through the maze of life and seeking some meaning.

Unfortunately, a lot of what we’ve been taught is how to fit in, get by and do what we’re told. Now that’s fine for the youth. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when you should start thinking for yourself.

Now is a great time to start your new authentic journey and find happiness and fulfilment. You can alter anything you wish in your life and this course has proven you have the stamina to change.

You are aware and responsible for your surroundings which means you can evolve yourself to whatever you desire.

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