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What is the account set up time?

Your account should be set up automatically however, there may be a small delay depending on where you are located.

I forgot my password - help

Forgot your password? Not to worry. Please use this password reset link.

Type in the email address you used to create your account. Check your email inbox and click the link in the email. Type in a new and matching password in both fields and click “change password.” You should be good to go!

Please keep in mind that each password reset link can only be used once. If you want to reset your password a second time, you’ll need to request another password reset link.

Any further problems, send us a message via the contact us page.

How do I log in?

Open Quit and click on the My Quit menu (top right) “Profile” button at the bottom of this dropdown.

Log in with this page with your username and password.

If you forgot your password you can reset your password here.

Is my personal information safe with Quit website?

Security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. We upload data to our servers because we need to track your lesson history and courses enrolled. We use TLS encryption for our users’ account data, so the only parties that can see your info are us and you. More information can be found on our Policy page.

Can I restart my account from Day 1?

Absolutely! Maybe you missed a couple days or a couple weeks, we can rewind your curriculum lessons for you and help you get back on track. Simply reach out to us via the Contact Page, let us know which Day you’d like to rewind to, and we’ll take care of the rest! This may take 1 day depending on which time zone you are located in. Once the rewind is completed, you’ll see the lesson is ready to learn again.

It’s important to note Quit Account access will expire 24 weeks from your account set up. Reach out to us for more details.

I need help, who do I contact?

Our customer team in New Zealand is only too happy to hear from you. You can email

If I send an email, how long until I will hear back?

During the week, we will generally get back to you within 12-24 hours. Over the weekend, it may take a bit longer.

What happens at the end of my account?

Good question. Please notify us when you have completed the Quit Course and you no longer need to have an accoun set up – we will delete your account and any data you have had in that account.

Mouth Guards

Our 7 Day Quit Course can be completed successfully with or without a mouth guard.

Stop cheek tongue lip biting

Due to the current global challenges Amazon is not shipping to all countries. Please check delivery before you place an order.

Quitech Learning is not associated with Dentek or any other mouth guard manufacturer.

Amazon Dentek Mouth Protector

My order has not arrived –  contact the Dentek customer service people directly. Quit Mouth Biting does not handle any product or delivery calls.

What if I'm unhappy with the Dentek product?

Contact Amazon and Dentek directly as Quit Mouth Biting does not handle any product or shipping queries. We merely recommend this product or similar ones as a good mouth protector.

Dentek on Amazon website

7 Day Online Quit Course

The Quit Course

The Quit Course is a fun, informational process to challenge your old thinking and encourage new behaviours for your future.

What is the Quit Course

This is an online course, covering a 7 day period and contains:

  • 15 Quit ToolBox techniques to assist with the physical withdrawal from biting
  • Daily to-dos including articles and learnings to keep you motivated during the quit journey
  • 3 Quit Mouth Biting methods – Puff – Park – Point
  • Secure login access 

The content is developed by ex-mouth biters who’ve been where you are and understand how to quit.

Our Quit Mouth Biting methods

Learn our Quit Mouth Biting methods – Puff – Park – Point

This innovative method, developed by Quit has become the model for quitting cheek biting and is based on the personal experience of ex-biters.

The Quit course will help you:

  • Feel motivated and supported to Quit Mouth Biting
  • Gain new knowledge about your health
  • Discover personal aspects of yourself

What are Quit ToolBox techniques?

Every day we give you access to new Quit ToolBox techniques. Each has a full description and why it’s important to your quit success.

Can I reread articles or methods?

Sometimes a particular article or toolbox technique can really pique your interest. Maybe an article about mindfulness was very helpful to you — whatever your area of interest is, you can always go back in the Course Curriculum to have another look at our content.

Helpful advice

Create a Quit Plan

Before starting your Quit journey, we suggest you complete an online Quit Plan.

This document starts you thinking about the reasons to quit and is used to motivate you during the Quit course.

Body awareness

Try to become more aware of your everyday body behaviors and postures. Observe yourself carefully when you; sit down, stand around talking, are waiting for coffee, are watching TV or reading social media.

Answer these questions: What are my hands doing? Where is my tongue placed in my mouth? Am I using the Quit ToolBox techniques I learnt to best support staying quit?

Never too late to quit

The health benefits of non-biting begin within the very first hour of stopping. Your health will continue to improve throughout the following hours and days.

By quitting, you’ll have a smooth, fresh mouth again. You’ll regain your composure, stop harming yourself and cease the constant strain of re-healing your mouth.

Take care with food

In the early months we recommend you become more mindful on the foods you eat. Slow down when eating – you will enjoy your mealtimes even more.

Beware of foods that are sharp or irregular in shape.

Look after your mouth

Your inner mouth mucosa (skin) will become more robust, durable and tougher once you stop biting. Accidental chomps or nicks are less likely to occur.

The real benefit is that any accidental bites, mouth ulcers or sores will heal quicker than when you were a biter.

Where does the course content come from?

Course data is compiled from many different sources. The major one being from the feedback we receive from mouth biters. We use this to further enhance this course and our learnings about mouth biting.

In the beginning of this course history, we targeted friends and colleagues to supply us with their thoughts and experiences. We placed this alongside our learnings and this formed the basis of our course.

Along the way we have been fortunate to add to the course from feedback and make it supremely better and include much more content and deliver many more graduates thru the program.

Well done to those who have graduated and are continuing to be ex mouth biters.


Need medical Help?

Need mental or emergency Help?

There are lots of places to get psychological or mental support. For a starting point for emergencies, click here.​


Medical/Professional Disclaimer: The authors of this content do not dispense medical or dental advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.

The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical and emotional well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this course for yourself, the author assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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