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QuitGuard Product

QuitGuard Warranty

Your QuitGuard comes with a 6 month warranty which covers manufacturing faults. The warranty does not cover faults from chewing on the QuitGuard, and you’ll need to take note of proper care for your mouthguard to ensure the warranty can be fulfilled.

You acknowledge that your QuitGuard is being supplied to you based on your individual needs and that you have made your own decision in determining the product suits your requirements. Unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions, TheQuitGuard or Quit Kit will have no liability to you whatsoever in respect of your selection of the product.

How do I clean the QuitGuard

Do not clean with hot water or heat as this will alter the shape. Do not use toothpaste or solvents which are abrasive.

Wash your QuitGuard in cold water each day or after use. Use a toothbrush to gently clean and remove the saliva and any debris.

Occasional rinsing in a non-alcoholic mouthwash will help improve the taste and smell of your mouthguard, and prevent gum infection.

The best fitting QuitGuard

Be sure to stick to the instruction sheet provided in your Quit Kit. Also, it is advisable to practise the process in the bathroom mirror a few times before you actually complete the forming process with hot water hot water.

I wear braces, dentures or fixed plate

QuitGuard cheek protector is not suitable for use if you have braces, dentures or fixed appliances. We do not want to interfere with the great work done by specialists in this field.

You can still Quit Cheek Biting with the 6 Day Quit Course – without our QuitGuard device.

Our top Quit Cheek Biting methods: Puff and Park have been effective in quitting mouth or lip biting, cheek biting, chewing or nibbling.

Is the QuitGuard a boil and bite device? Yes

The QuitGuard uses the white forming tray and hot water to form the shape of your teeth. It will protect your teeth and inner chek skin from the damage caused by grinding, clenching, or gnashing.

We intend the QuitGuard not to be used much after you have quit the habit, therefore its use will not be prolonged in time.

The Quit Kit a complete package?

There are many factors that can contribute to cheek biting so your medical professional will guide you on the best approach. The Quit Kit is designed to help you in many ways to reduce the behavioural symptoms of this cheek chewing habit. It addresses many fascets of human behaviour and is packaged in a complete kit.

  • QuitGuard – physical barrier to chewing
  • P3 Quit Method – Protect – Puff – Park – a proven method to quit
  • Rewards to motivate you on the quit process
  • 6 Day Quit Course – New learning and re-educating those old behaviours
  • Quit Quiz to test you on your daily learning

Will QuitGuard change my bite? No

No. It will not alter your bite or cause any pain when wearing it. The key is to make sure it fits well when forming it.

Remember, you will not be wearing it for ever, as our goal is to quit the habit and teeth chewing.

Shipping / Payments

What is the delivery time?

As we ship across the globe from New Zealand the time depends on how far away you are from us.

Generally, our tracked shipping takes under 2 weeks.


Courier tracking

Once your Quit Kit has been dispatched from us here at Quit Group we will email a tracking number for you to follow.

You will also receive an email for account login and approval for the 6 Day Quit Course.


Online payment types

You can pay for your order with credit/debit card.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Direct Bank deposit/transfer

Afterpay will be available soon.


What if I'm unhappy with the product?

Contact us within 2 weeks of receiving your Quit Kit and we’ll refund your money.

Terms and conditions and our return policy can be found here.

I need help, who do I contact?

Our customer team in New Zealand is only too happy to hear from you. You can email or phone.

If I send an email, how long until I will hear back?

During the week, we will generally get back to you within 12-24 hours. Over the weekend, it may take a bit longer.

6 Day Online Quit Course

The Quit Course

The Quit Course is a fun, informational process to challenge your old thinking and encourage new behaviours for your future.

What is the Quit Course

This is an online course, covering a 6 day period and contains:

  • 15 Quit ToolBox techniques to assist with the physical withdrawal from biting
  • Daily to-dos including articles and learnings to keep you motivated during the quit journey
  • 3 Quit Cheek Biting methods – Protect – Puff – Park
  • Secure login access 

The content is developed by ex-cheek biters who’ve been where you are and understand how to quit.

Our Quit Cheek Biting methods

Learn our Quit Cheek Biting methods – Protect – Puff – Park

This innovative method, developed by Quit has become the model for quitting cheek biting and is based on the personal experience of ex-biters.

The Quit course will help you:

  • Feel motivated and supported to Quit Cheek Biting
  • Gain new knowledge about your health
  • Discover personal aspects of yourself

What are Quit ToolBox techniques?

Every day we give you access to new Quit ToolBox techniques. Each has a full description and why it’s important to your quit success.

What are Reward Tokens?

We all love to receive rewards!

As part of the Quit Course you’ll be rewarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold Tokens as you pass certain milestones on the journey.

Every Quit Kit includes 3 magnetic tokens, to encourage your success each step of the way.

Helpful advice

Create a Quit Plan

Before starting your Quit journey, we suggest you complete an online Quit Plan.

This document starts you thinking about the reasons to quit and is used to motivate you during the Quit course.

Body awareness

Try to become more aware of your everyday body behaviors and postures. Observe yourself carefully when you; sit down, stand around talking, are waiting for coffee, are watching TV or reading social media.

Answer these questions: What are my hands doing? Where is my tongue placed in my mouth? Am I using the Quit ToolBox techniques I learnt to best support staying quit?

Never too late to quit

The health benefits of non-biting begin within the very first hour of stopping. Your health will continue to improve throughout the following hours and days.

By quitting, you’ll have a smooth, fresh mouth again. You’ll regain your composure, stop harming yourself and cease the constant strain of re-healing your mouth.

Take care with food

In the early months we recommend you become more mindful on the foods you eat. Slow down when eating – you will enjoy your mealtimes even more.

Beware of foods that are sharp or irregular in shape.

Look after your mouth

Your inner mouth mucosa (skin) will become more robust, durable and tougher once you stop biting. Accidental chomps or nicks are less likely to occur.

The real benefit is that any accidental bites, mouth ulcers or sores will heal quicker than when you were a biter.

How to Quit
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