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Financial Reasons

We’ve discussed the health benefits of quitting. Here we look at the financial costs, to help convince you to start your own quit plan.

Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

Dental Costs

The largest financial cost is the extra dental care required to repair damaged teeth from constant biting, nibbling and chewing.

As a biter, you’re more inclined to wear out front and canine teeth. These teeth are the weapons used to cut into the skin. Although one bite isn’t overly hard, the stress of long-term biting will damage your teeth faster than a non-biter.

Without treatment, Morsicatio Buccarum or Bruxism can result in cracked tooth enamel, excessive wear on the teeth, broken teeth or fillings, pressure on joints and soft tissue in the jaw, and sleep disruption.

Those people who quit biting will spend less money on dental repairs and enjoy a healthier mouth for the future.

Career Advancement

As a biter you may be perceived as a person of nervous disposition, due to the constant face touching and mouth stretching. This behavior effects your overall body language and doesn’t portray a confident person.

We all want to look in control, particularly at work where job promotion is important. Those people who appear confident are often put forward and promoted to higher positions.

Let’s get you into the non-biters category today, with your personalised Quit Plan.

…the best is when you can get a strip of skin peeling off, and you can work it into a stretchy piece. You pull on that for a while, playing with it, and then poke your tongue into it and break a hole, making it into sort of a stretchy arch. Ahhh….bliss…

How to Quit
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