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Is there a link with overheated cheeks and mouth biting?

Many of our Quit subscribers comment that they have experienced hot or flushed face skin at night. This often leads them to touch their face and then onto a sly nibble on their cheeks, lips and tongue.

It leads us to wonder: is there link between a hot, flushed face and mouth biting. Then we ask how to soothe and cool your skin and face temperature down.

We wondered if there seems to be a overheated skin irritation which is a similar effect to ‘’screen eyes’’. Is it caused by anxiety, stress, nervousness or embarrassment or is it fluctuating hormones? This hotness can occur in both males and females so neither gender is immune to it.

Here at Quitech we coined a phrase that can describe the problem.

Hot Skin Syndrome (HSS) is a mild condition resulting from excess blood circulating around the face, particularly your cheeks and forehead.  It can be easily accessed by touching your skin, then seeing if it feels over hot.

Symptoms of HSS include overheated cheeks, forehead and neck. You may also note your ears and/or head being hot. These symptoms can be further aggravated by wearing a hat, scarf, or being generally overheated with too many clothes.

Whilst the syndrome is not usually a medical concern it can feel uncomfortable, and may lead to more mouth biting. The good news is that you can reduce the hot skin flushing easily.

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How can a flushed face be treated?

If flushing is caused by emotional responses to stressful situations, then addressing these emotions and developing coping skills will help. If the flushing is caused by spicy foods, alcohol or extreme heat and cold, then avoiding or limiting these will prevent the flushing from occurring.

If the cause is an underlying medical condition, the underlying condition will be addressed and treated accordingly.

The tips below can also help you to cool your face down.

Use tea bags. Brewed tea bags have antioxidants and caffeine that can help reduce the hotness and shrink the blood vessels under your cheeks. The bags can also help reduce fluid retention. Take used black or green tea bags and chill them in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes. Place a chilled tea bag on each cheek, letting them sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face to remove excess tea. Repeat daily.

Cucumber slices. We have all seen pictures of slices of cucumbers on your eyes – is a time honoured actually works! The cucumbers have skin-lightening qualities and contain a mild astringent, which can help cool your cheek skin. The water in the cucumber can help hydrate and cool your skin. Chill a cucumber for 30 minutes. Slice off two generously sized pieces. Sit or lay down, placing them over your eyes/face for 10 minutes. Remove the cucumbers and wash your eyes with water, removing the juice. Repeat twice a day for a week or more for the best results.

Use potatoes. Much like cucumbers, you can use slices of potatoes to cool your skin. They have antioxidants and nutrients that, mixed with the coldness, can help reduce your facial skin temperature. Cut thin pieces of a chilled potato. Sit or lay down and place the slices of potato on your eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat daily.

Make a cold compress. Cold water can do wonders to re-hydrate your and allow your cheeks and face a calm feeling. It also constricts the blood vessels in your skin. Wet a clean washcloth with cool or cold water. While sitting up, let the compress sit over your eyes/forehead or face area, applying gentle pressure. You can also dab gently around your eyes. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

You can get a similar effect with cold spoons. Stick two spoons in the fridge for about an hour. Take them out and gently massage them under your eyes, being careful not to poke your eye.

Try face cream. Select a very light night facial moisturizers specifically geared toward sensitive skin. They have the added benefit of preventing wrinkles, reducing redness and puffiness, and helping with dark circles. Try out a few brands to see which one works best for your skin.

Always stay hydrated – enjoy a fresh glass of water and drink it slowly.

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Stop Mouth Biting, Cheek Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

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