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Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit With

Let’s talk good intentions in 2021

Welcome to 2021 Here’s to a new year – and surely a new you!

Have you let your life take a back seat over the Christmas break or started it with a hit.

We salute your intentions to kick off the new decade with some bold decisions. Remember, whether it’s making that first step, taking on a new outlook, or working towards finally Quitting that mouth biting habit we’re here to help.

You have had some time over the holiday season to reflect on life and we are sure your outlook and resolve to a new you are strong!

While the past isn’t an indication of the future, we can assure you that this year is going to be huge for you. It’s the year that you finally kick this lifetime behaviour away. Whether it is lip biting, mouth and cheek nibbling or chewing, it’s got to go.

Let’s decide now not just let the year ride out and take action for you.

If you missed the opportunity last year, don’t stress, all hope is not lost, there’s no better time to get started than now, and our new 7 Day Online Quit Course can help.

If you’re already a Quit believer, congrats! You’re well on your way to a great 2021. But of course, feel free to share our course with your family and friends – we all know someone who has similar goals for #2021 right?

Haven’t taken the plunge just yet? We know there are a million reasons to put off. That’s why we’re making it super easy to take your first step today with our Online Course. Our 7-day course demystifies why we mouth chew and breaks down barriers to getting started. Even better, by the end of the course, you’ll be able to claim your new title of a Gold Awarded Quit Mouth Biter.

Quit for success

“I’m personally very excited by Quit and have started Day One of the online course and the lessons are great.”

“It’s so accessible to learn online – hope you have as much fun with Quit as I did!”

“I found Quit Mouth Biting via, and I enthusiastically said to myself, “Yes!” I am finally amongst others just like me.”


Try our Online Stop Mouth Biting Course

Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

About Quitech

Quit Mouth Biting is an informative course designed to alter the core functioning of your mouth including chewing and mouth posture. We aim to teach and not just tell you what to do. The course is based on research and the daily activities are fun and easy. The lessons are real learning’s from other biters who have successfully quit. We collated the findings of this research and designed new methods to put it into a quit course that we know works. Good luck and have fun!

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