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Happy After Quitting Stopping Cheek Biting

Making self-care a priority

Many people make the mistake of putting their busy life’s needs and everyone else’s needs before their own. They quietly say it’s ok and tell themselves:

“Soon I’ll have more time to take care of me”

“One day things will be easier.”

“There’ll surely be more for me later in life.”

If you’ve found yourself in this position, deep down you know these are excuses you tell yourself to get through another day or week, while continuing to neglect your own self needs.

Here’s why this approach to life will become a problem sometime down the road:

You are the most important asset to your family.

Lead with a Self-care Attitude

When you’re running on empty, or you’re overcome with stress or you are always jumping from one to the next, your life will suffer. Why? There are several reasons:

  • It’s a battle to focus
  • You put off tasks because you don’t feel up to the challenge
  • You deliver half-assed work just to get it off your list… only to have it sent back to you
  • Difficult conversations and complex scenarios are too hard to navigate, you put these off and so your life never achieves its full potential
  • Your self-worth and resiliency drops to an all-time low

Be aware, there’s nothing selfish about prioritising self-care. You could make the argument that self-care helps your family just as much as it helps you!

By taking better care you will be operating at your highest level. You’ll think more clearly, feel stronger and be able to make important family-based decisions with confidence.

And guess what? It’s not difficult to make self-care a priority. Here’s how:

Go on, make Self-care a Priority

  1. Exercise: Get you blood pumping! Go for a run. Check out a yoga class or the gym. And if you’re tired, take a walk in nature. Do not overdo it, exercise to your own pace and enjoy it.
  2. Healthy Eating: Fast food is NOT your friend – and it’s expensive. Try to cook healthy and tasty meals at home tonight.
  3. Hydrate: Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine. Hydration is good for mental and physical health. Plus is great for your inner mouth and lip health.
  4. Get Outside: Never underestimate natures healing powers as a great way to reset the body and mind. Bathe in the fresh air to clear your mind and stretch your body.
  5. Maintain Mental Health: Always have yourself in front of mind and don’t push your mental wellness into the background. Read self-help books, blogs or listen to self-help podcasts. If you are struggling don’t be afraid to approach a health professional.
  6. Mindfulness: Find your thing: go to church, meditate, do yoga. Don’t worry about yesterday; focus on today and the now. Remember to sit still and just be.
  7. Unwind Now: Make time between work and bed to relax and get yourself out of your game face mode – try to do this without a screen.
  8. Practice Gratitude: Get a diary and write down the things you’re grateful for every day. Research shows this has positive effects on your mental health.
  9. Sleep Quality vs Quantity: Don’t just focus on quantity. Develop a nighttime routine for quality sleep.
  10. Be Inspired: Read a good book. Listen to positive, uplifting music or inspiring audios. Watch great movies.
  11. Family/Friends Time: Your closest loved ones aren’t the only ones deserving of your time. Make room for special friends.
  12. Some Goodness: What cause is near and dear to your heart? Volunteer your time or donate something.
  13. Get Hobbies: Do something that brings you joy, and spoil yourself, after all this is why we are here on earth.
  14. Design your Schedule: Find your most productive days and times — then work them!
  15. Set Boundaries: Maintain balance by setting boundaries for work and pleasure. When you work. Where you work. How you work.
  16. Switch Off: Cut those annoying notifications. Multitasking hurts productivity and causes stress. Stay on track by hiding distractions.
  17. Clean-Up: De-clutter your whole self and make more room for creativity.
  18. Tune your Cash: Don’t allow debt to get you down. Set a budget for your personal life.
  19. Find your Sweet Spot: What are you good at? What gets you up in the morning? Activate your mind and body at the best time for yourself.
  20. Ask for a leg up: You’re not a machine. Focus on your strengths; delegate the rest to team members and tools.
  21. Be Resilient: Whenever you feel frustrated or deflated, reflect on at all that you’ve achieved to this date.
  22. Find Your Kin: Share your pains, celebrate your wins and make lifelong connections with others like you. Join a club or chat with people at your local cafe.
  23. Calendar BreaksBlock out time each week, month and year to step aside from your stress or work and rejuvenate yourself. This does not need to be a costly holiday, merely a time and space that is just for you.

…and lastly

You are not alone (even though it might feel that way sometimes). Many people go through a phase where self-care gets put on the back burner. We’ve all been there.

But once you get into the habit of making self-care a priority, your life will become much easier to run and you’ll find that success comes easily.

And above all … don’t forget: Self-care is why I care.

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