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Thanks for taking the time to read our policies. Our goal is to assist you Quit Mouth Biting – these policies are to help us achieve that by setting out some guidelines.

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The personal information you submit when placing your order is treated as confidential. We use this information to process your transaction, and we share the information with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc. in order to process your order. WE USE COOKIES Cookies allow Quitech Learning website to remember you. If we didn’t use cookies you would have to enter your details each time you visited. If you really prefer not to use cookies you can set your browser preferences to not accept cookies. Most websites however, including Quitech Learning, require cookies to process your orders.


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Please be aware that opting out of cookies may impact your experience on our site and with Quitech Learning in general. However, opting out can be managed from your browser settings. The exact steps vary from browser to browser, but the links below go to the relevant documentation for most popular browsers:


Quitech Learning uses stringently tested technologies to ensure the security of information transmitted via our web site and maintained in our possession. When you place your order “checkout” you will see a lock icon appear on the status bar of your browser. This indicates that the data that is submitted is encrypted while in transit and so cannot be viewed by anyone other than us. In addition, when we receive that data, it is stored on a separate location to the web server so that it can only be accessed by us.


Photos and images on this website are not real people, they are stock images. Due to privacy policy, we can not show real peoples faces, therefore we have used stock images alongside real statements and quotes. If you are generous to provide us with a referral we will only publish it with your written consent and we would never use your full name to ensure your privacy.

I had an accidential bite, but this time I was prepared with my Quit lip biting and mouth, cheek chewing and biting techniques. These methods do work!

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