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Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

Quit students feedback

‘Thank you so much. I’ve been chewing my cheeks my whole life and I really want to stop. I have marks on my cheeks from how I bite my mouth. I’m now using the course advice feel I am winning.’ Monica

“Daily readings were awesome and easy to understand!”

“I am forever learning more on my biting OCD, and gained another understanding of my habit; Real life examples. Very good course.” Kerian D

“Taking the new skills I learnt during the course and then applying it into my NEW life. FREEDOM. Exciting stuff.” Dianna

“The course work was fun and easy to read – English is not my native so I took it on”

“Thanks very much for everything; All solid material – learnt lots. In depth understanding of biting & I am now applying this course practically.”

“The Quit course was refreshing, interactive and interesting. a good mixture of practical and theory.”

“I can say I have now stopped sucking my mouth cheeks! Relief.”

“In May I subscribed … I have nothing but praise for the course material, Quitech…. at each day of the course, everything was explained in detail – experiences and techniques shared freely, so I felt personal insight …. and that was super. I found a new understanding about the cheek biting behaviour… thank you for building the course … and for my pass mark, it feels good to me.” Jenny M

“Overall the course delivered more than I thought it would” – I am now much more mindful of this habit –  star rated 5/5

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