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What’s the Quit Kit?

Let's unbundle it


The QuitGuard is a mouth and lip protector which moulds to your teeth, sheltering your mouth from any biting. Once fitted correctly it provides a physical barrier to biting.

Made from BPA Free plastic, the custom fit guard is nearly invisible in your mouth.

The QuitGuard is highly effective in the prevention of biting, since you simply cannot bite, nibble or chew whilst wearing the device.


Carry case

Included in the Quit Kit is a ventilated carry case to pop your QuitGuard into when travelling or moving around.

Quit Plan

Before starting your Quit journey, we suggest you complete an online Quit Plan.

This document starts you thinking about the reasons to quit and is used to motivate you during the Quit course.

7 Day Quit Course

This is an online course, requiring 30 minutes per day

  • 15 Quit ToolBox techniques to assist with the physical withdrawal from biting
  • Daily to-dos including articles and learnings to keep you motivated during the quit journey
  • Quit Mouth Biting methods – Puff – Park – Point
  • Secure login access
  • The content is developed by ex-mouth biters who’ve been where you are and understand how to quit.

Learn our Quit Mouth Biting method – Puff – Park – Point

These innovative methods, developed by Quit have become the model for quitting mouth biting and are based on the personal experience of ex-biters.

The Quit course will help you:

  • Feel motivated and supported to Quit Mouth Biting
  • Gain new knowledge about your health
  • Discover personal aspects of yourself

Unlock 15 Quit Techniques

Everyday we give you access to new Quit ToolBox techniques. Each has a full description and why it’s important to your quit success.

Your Learning Journey

The Quit Course is a fun, informational process to challenge your old thinking and encourage new behaviours for your future.

Earn Reward Tokens

We all love to receive rewards!

As part of the Quit Course you’ll be rewarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold Tokens as you pass certain milestones on the journey.

Every Quit Kit includes 3 magnetic tokens, to encourage your success each step of the way.

How to get the Quit Kit

Order the Quit Kit

Create an online Quit Plan

Receive the Quit Kit with tracked courier

Start your Quit Day with the Quit Kit and Online Course

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