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Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit With

You know if you are a cheek chewer

Do you bite and chew your cheeks and lips?

If you are a cheek nibbler, a mouth or tongue chewer, or a lip biter, you already know who you are. Your problem is the ever compulsive will to bite, chew and tear up the skin on your lips and the inner cheek lining of your mouth.

Your tongue and teeth are forever finding rough patches, skin tags and hanging pieces of tissue to bite at and peel off. This oral fixation is a useless attempt to trim the ragged edges and make them smooth again. Then you repeat the cycle… never getting away from the habit of chewing your cheeks and mouth.

What causes cheek biting?

There are many possible causes like chipped teeth, stress / anxiety, OCD, worry or nervous behaviours, or simply a bad habit that you want to cure, similar to biting your fingernails or even smoking. Check here for more information.

Why should you stop?

The main reasons you should give up cheek and lip biting habit are to prevent the ongoing damage to your precious teeth.

Have you noticed or experienced: scars, lumps, lesions, ulcers, trauma, infection, pain, bleeding, lines and face wrinkles, bad breath & swelling?  Not to mention the possible link to cancer of the mouth or cancer of the cheeks with patients to continuously bite and damage their inner mouth skin.

Try our Online Stop Mouth Biting Course

Stop Cheek Biting, Lip Biting, Tongue Biting Habit with

About Quitech

Quit Mouth Biting is an informative course designed to alter the core functioning of your mouth including chewing and mouth posture. We aim to teach and not just tell you what to do. The course is based on research and the daily activities are fun and easy. The lessons are real learning’s from other biters who have successfully quit. We collated the findings of this research and designed new methods to put it into a quit course that we know works. Good luck and have fun!

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