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Your Future

You’ve made an important life change by quitting and we know you can keep going. Within the course you’ve learnt new techniques to Quit Mouth Biting for good.

Supporting your Quit

Research shows if you have support during a learning course you can double your chances of success.

By using two or more specifically designed techniques at the same time, you’ll quit faster and easier than by willpower alone.

What’s more, once you’ve make it through the first week you’re more likely to quit long-term. We have designed our course for 6 days to improve your outcomes and help get through this crucial period.

Never too late to quit

The health benefits of non-biting begin within the very first hour of stopping. Your health will continue to improve throughout the following hours and days.

By quitting, you’ll have a smooth, fresh mouth again. You’ll regain your composure, stop harming yourself and cease the constant strain of re-healing your mouth.

Take care with food

In the early months we recommend you become more mindful on the foods you eat. Slow down when eating – you will enjoy your mealtimes even more.

Beware of foods that are sharp or irregular in shape.

Look after your mouth

Your mouth mucosa (skin) and lips will become more robust, durable and tougher once you stop biting. Accidental chomps or nicks are less likely to occur.

The real benefit is that any accidental bites, mouth ulcers or sores will heal quicker than when you were a biter.

I took a bite of pork crackling and it got chomped between my cheek and teeth – ouch. So I went back to my toolbox and tips and reviewed the course lessons. Now I feel empowered!

15 Quit Tool Box techniques

Habits can be altered

We know breaking a habit and changing your behavior isn’t easy. However, our research shows that quitting is much easier when you have the right tools and support to help.

Quit Course, Quit Mouth Biting methods and Quit ToolBox techniques have been specifically designed to help re-educate yourself, your body postures and stop old behaviour patterns. In particular, we focus on your mouth, cheek, lips, tongue and hand placements. We also know that rewarding yourself along the way is an important part of the process.

You’ll learn in-depth explanations and applications of the Quit ToolBox techniques as you progress through the course. These are designed to support the use of the QuitGuard cheek protector and help you to quit.

Body awareness

Try to become more aware of your everyday body behaviors and postures. Observe yourself carefully when you; sit down, stand and talking, are waiting for coffee, are watching TV or reading social media.

Answer these questions: What are my hands doing? Where is my tongue placed in my mouth? Am I using the Quit ToolBox techniques I learnt to best support staying quit?

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I don’t know why I didn’t quit mouth biting years ago.

Do this for you
By quitting, you’re doing something life-changing, just for you.
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